Pre-Sale Process

STAGE 1 - Preparation & Selection

⌂ Meet to discuss needs, experience, objectives and preliminary review of potential offerings
⌂ Review Agency forms of Representation 
⌂ You inform your REALTOR® when you see a product offered/marketed that may interest you so that your REALTOR® can take action
⌂ Your REALTOR® makes contact and registers you on the project you are in
⌂ Your REALTOR® notifies you when they have access to marketing materials and preview opportunities 
⌂ At the preview, the Developer’s sales team presents the opportunity

STAGE 2 – Contract and Rescission

⌂ Should you wish to proceed with an offer to purchase, the 1st step is to receive the Developer’s disclosure statement
⌂ Once you have received the disclosure and have had a “reasonable opportunity to read,” you can proceed with the purchase contract
⌂ Discuss the deposit being paid to Developer
⌂ Obtain a bank draft for the deposit
⌂ The signed contract and deposit are provided to the Developer
⌂ Developer signs contract 
⌂ You will have a statutory 7 days right of rescission period – during this period; you may exit the contract for any reason and receive the deposit back. It’s an opportunity to review the contract with your lawyer, accountant or family/friends to be certain about the purchase
⌂ You inform your REALTOR® whether you are moving ahead with the purchase or rescinding the contract within this time period so that your REALTOR® can advise the Developer’s marketing company
⌂ If you decide to go forward, the marketing company will deposit the initial bank draft
⌂ Additional deposit monies will be required as scheduled
⌂ You await completion

STAGE 3 - Completion

⌂ Your lawyer is alerted by the Developer about the upcoming completion date per contract terms
⌂ Confirm mortgage approval/documentation for financing
⌂ You are alerted about a deficiency walkthrough which is part of the contract terms and warranty process. REALTOR® is available for questions and guidance during this walkthrough
⌂ After contract completion, you will be contacted by the Developer’s team for key pick-up and move-in instructions 
⌂ Remember, the Developer will have, in most cases, a number of days as outlined in the contract to attend to the deficiencies noted on the deficiency walkthrough list signed by both parties. 

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